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Everlynn Skincare Penang adalah stokis tunggal yang dilantik oleh Ladies Stuff Enterprise untuk penjualan produk Everlynn..For you to look young, start now to stimulate your skin particularly on your face because collagen mask has been proven effective and is being used as a cosmetic in preventing damaging of your smooth skin.So now, don’t think twice anymore because this particular product is running out of the clock. Surely, it will make you beautiful. So now, start making your skin more flawless and smooth to touch. You will find yourself to be attractive and lovely person.We're selling this product based in Penang . Sesapa yang ingin membeli sila PM atau email.

(Everlynn Skincare Penang)

♥ Everlynn Skincare Set

♥ Everlynn Mask

♥ Everlynn Serum

Everlynn Serum Series

Price : RM 20.00 /per bottle
Price 1 set : RM 120.00/box

Increase and moisture level to skin.energizing and strengthen the skin texture,,keep the beautifulness and youthfulness to skin

For skin tissue repairing and protection.smooth wrinkles and fine lines,moisturize and enhance elasticity.keep the suppleness and youthfulness to skin

Provide the moisturizing factors to skin.increase and keep the content of water in the skin.rehydrating and softening the skin

Reduce and clear breakouts and blemishes..calm down oily skin condition

Effectively lighten dark, dull and uneven skin clear skin spots

Vitamin E Softgel Collagen

Price : RM 50.00/ 20pcs

VITAMIN E SOFTGEL COLLAGEN - regains skin firmness,regenerates dermal tissues, elasticity and suppleness, reduce fine wrinkles, stretch marks & scars recovery, lightening freckles and rejuvenate dull skin cells.

Everlynn Skincare Set

Nantikan kemunculan produk ini JANUARI 2012 ♥

♥ Deep Cleansing Foam
♥ Deep Hydration Refreshing Toner
♥ Day Solution
♥ Multi Function Cream

Everlynn Mask

Price : RM 13.90 /pcs

Collagen mask : increase oxygen and moisture level to the skin.energizing and strengthen the skin ♥